About Us

LoroDigital is an Information and Communication Technology company based in Ghana, established in February 2014 and commencing operations in March 2015. Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of conceptualizing, designing, and developing a wide range of applications across various industries and sectors in Ghana. Our portfolio spans from straightforward websites to intricate web applications, mobile apps, and dynamic marketing campaigns powered by our digital marketing tools.

We classify LoroDigital as a digital company due to our unwavering commitment to all things digital. Our team comprises individuals with diverse talents and expertise drawn from various professional backgrounds, making us a dynamic force in the digital landscape.

Our Core Values

What Drives Us To Be Amongst The Best?

At LoroDigital we share these same "core values" with our Mother Company.

Relationship & Support:

we value our relationship with one another and especially with our clients. We believe business cannot thrive without trust, and trust comes where there are wonderful relationships.


we are completely committed to each of our projects. We personalize each one and give it our all as if it was our first project and the only project we will ever do.


we believe life and business should be about making exciting new discoveries every day. We don’t accept or restrict ourselves to what is; we strive to find what’s new and different. We are always finding ways to make each project ‘YouNique’.

Our Business Process

Following our four main steps to business growth, we will push your business to reach your desired level of growth. It’s our job to handle your business success.

We plan and work on your business application using the agile method. Our team puts every detail of your application on paper before work starts.

We are blessed with a dynamic team of content creators. Our team is able to create amazing content for your business communications.

We will now sit with you to plan ways and strategies to increase your customer and client base. We believe that you have a personal vision for your business; therefore we work together to create solutions that reflect your unique business identity.

LoroDigital will take your business through about 80% of the marketing and advertising channels available, applying the best methods and customer magnets.